♥ Pin Me Up & Tattoo Me

to be tattooed by Tim Hendricks. Been watching interview’s. I think he is such a great guy how he started in tattooing all the shit he’s been through and how laid back he is and just generally a cool guy…not to mention an unbelievable artist. I want him to do script under the back of my knee’s. I hope he tattoo’s at the London Convention this year. I’m going to get tattooed by him. I really like to scope out who does my ink… and watch interview’s and all that and as for ‘famous artist’s’ Tim and Dan Smith are top of my list. I feel like Tim would be a cool guy to chat with while getting tattooed which is something I like also, to find out some funny stories you know all that sort of stuff what’s the point in getting a tattoo when your not going to also enjoy the experience even though it’s more than likely going to be painfull..but you know what I mean?

Felt like just blogging about this…Truly have a fuck load of respect for him. I could go on but I’ll leave it there :)